The “Dnevni Centar”, day care center for children with disabilities, was taken into operation on the 1st of April 2011, after it had been officially opened by the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare. The center is housed at the coast of Igalo, a settlement 3 kilometers West of Herceg Novi, and is only separated from the seaside by a wide playground.

Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities – Herceg Novi – Montenegro is opned on  01 April 2011.  Primary aim and assignment of the institution  which has been determined by  The Statute of Day Care Center, refers to the development of the institution, meet the needs of importance to our customers,  their families and the local enviroment. The main goal of the day center is to continuously :

 provides the conditions for living, socialization and care users
 provides adequate physical assistance, medical care, rehabilitation
 allows users to  live in an environment that suits them best ,in a family environment with socialization and stay in the center
 allows users to live as independently as possible and participate in community life

2. STUFF :

We have eight permanently employed staff.  People who work with children are all special educated.
◊   Director – Dipl. Social Worker – managing and presenting institution, planning activities and take care of their achievement, managing the budget and finances
◊   Psyhologist -resolve  behavior problems, examine childrens interactions with others and with the social environment, indivudual work with children,
◊   Educator – plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences, develop schemes of work and lesson plans ,instruct and monitor children in the use of learning materials and equipment, identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet children varying needs
◊   Physical Therapist – provide therapeutic services to improve a patient’s mobility, alleviate pain, and help them cope with permanent physical disabilities,use therapeutic equipment and techniques such as massage to improve muscle strength, teach patients how to do exercises to improve their physical health
◊  Two nurses – assessing, observing and reporting on the condition of children, observing strict hygiene and safety rules, explaining treatment and procedures to enable parents or guardians to consent to treatment,
◊   Pedagogue – Educator – resolve upbringng and educational problems, apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary,  encourage and monitor the progress of individuals, develop schemes of work and lesson plans , instruct and monitor children in the use of learning materials and equipment, identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet children varying needs
◊   Driver – prepare vehicle by conducting operator maintenance, transport children from homes to the center and the other way round, transport children when they visiting other institutions,

◊   Housewoman – prepare meals, nutrition care

and temporary employed, special education teacher Defectologist – Speech Therapist , Defetologist – Oligophrenologist, Physical Educator.

3. USERS :

According to our statute our center can accommodate children and youth from 7 to 27 years old.  At the moment we have 15 children with different and mixed issues:

 Autism – 3 patients
 Cerebral Paralysis – 6 patients
 Combined Disorders – 4 patients
 Down Syndrome – 2 patients

Each category of patients receives training and education in the following fields:

 everyday life education
 physiotherapy
 medical care
 oligofrenology
 speech therapy
 sports

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